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Image by shawnee wilborn


Benefits of aromatherapy in the shower:

Applying essential oils to the skin while showering is an effective, pleasant, and truly effortless way to reap the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. The warm water opens your pores, making them very receptive to the health-giving essential oils. It is also a playful way to connect with the plant world at the start or the end of the day. Breathe deeply, relax your mind and visualize the wonderful changes that these powerful natural allies are bringing about in your mind and body. 

We recommend using our Rose-Lavender Sugar Scrub for a stimulating exfoliation, followed by the moisturizing Shea & Cocoa Shower Melt; or simply massage our Shea & Sugar Scrub Butter onto your skin to exfoliate and nourish it in one simple step.

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