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Engage your senses in the shower with this fizzing steamer, a unique aromatherapy product designed to raise your spirits as you start or end your day by releasing essential oils through the steam of your shower. Enjoy this uplifting blend of litsea cubeta bergamot, and eucalyptus essential oils. Breathe slowly in and out, smile, and remind yourself that today is a new day!

Uplifting Shower Steamer

  • Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Witch Hazel, Uplifting Essential Oils.

  • Place the shower steamer at the bottom of your shower, indirectly from the mainstream of water, but where water still splashes it. Enjoy your therapeutic shower! 

    PLEASE NOTE: For external use only. These are not designed to go in your bath or directly on the skin due to the high concentration of essential oils.

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