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The bee's choice

Miss Bee is checking out the lip balms at the Farmers Market. Does she recognize the beeswax from one of our local beehives?

Did you know that beeswax lip balm has an incredible amount of benefits?

Believe it or not, it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and also an antioxidant. Imagine the wonders it can do to heal your cracked and swollen lips, and soothe any pain caused by dryness and dehydration! Beeswax is also incredibly moisturizing and has the capacity to lock in that moisture, hence making your lips supple and soft.

Lastly, beeswax even has properties that allow it to protect your lips from further danger. It contains Vitamin A, which must be present for cells to develop normally. It also forms a protective layer on your lips that can shield them from harmful UV rays, as well as prevent infections or possible cold sores.

Here at Fleur de Miel, our handcrafted lip balm is made with raw beeswax from local beehives. It contains alkanet root or cocoa powder for a fun variation in coloring that does not tint your lips. It is also deliciously flavored with Lavender and Lime essential oils.

Let the bee show you her preference!

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